Thomas Weinert


Screenshots I work for the dimensional GmbH in Cologne as the lead developer for papaya CMS. This is an Open Source CMS written in PHP using XSLT templates.


This is only a selection, you can find more projects on my GitHub and Bitbucket accounts.

Carica Io, Firmata, Chip

Three projects that allow to control an Arduino from PHP. Carica Io provides the needed Non-Blocking I/O libraries. Carica Firmata implements the communication protocol and an OOP API for the pins. Carica Chip is a set of device classes, like a class "Motor" with a method "setSpeed()".

Carica Status Monitor

Basically an Atom-Reader implemented in Javascript and a small framework to provide the feeds in PHP. It allows you to set up a wall monitor with data about your company. At dimensional we use it to show the build status of projects, latest commits, upcoming launches and other stuff near the coffee machine.


An editor I wrote in Delphi years ago. Since then my focus has shifted. It would be near impossible to get the core to support unicode properly. I still use it sometimes and I know others do, too. So here you can download the last version.

Installer Zip Archive