Thomas Weinert


This is only a selection, you can find more projects on my GitHub account.


An XML library for PHP. It extends the included DOM, XMLReader, XMLWriter classes. DOM LS features are added as well as improved namespace handling and workaround for bugs in PHP. Additionally an jQuery style API, and import/export for different formats are provided.

Carica Io, Firmata, Gpio, Chip

Four projects that allow to control an Arduino/RaspberryPi from PHP. Carica Io provides the needed Non-Blocking I/O libraries. Carica Firmata implements the communication protocol and an OOP API for the pins. Carica GPIO allows access to the GPIO pins on the Raspberry PI. Carica Chip is a set of device classes, like a class "RGBLed" with a method "fadeTo($color)".


An editor I wrote in Delphi years ago. Since then my focus has shifted. It would be near impossible to get the core to support unicode properly. I still use it sometimes and I know others do, too. So here you can download the last version.

Installer Zip Archive